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We export boards/planks from the following wood species: Jati Teak, Banyuwangi Teak, Merbau, Bangkirai, Keruwing, Kempas (a.k.a Indonesian cherry), Nyatoh (a.k.a. Chinese Teak) and Meranti. All boards S4S or in accordance with your requirements.


Jati Teak   Banyuwangi Teak   Merbau   Bangkirai
Keruwing   Kempas   Nyatoh   Meranti

Government imposed export conditions:

For all boards: the sum of thickness x width (in cm) shall not be more than 40 cm2
Example 1: The width of a board with a thickness of 1.6 cm shall not exceed 40/1.6 = 25 cm
Example 2: If the required thickness is 2.4 cm, the width shall not exceed 40/2.4 = 16.6 cm

Export tax:

For profiled boards (T&G or other profile) no export tax imposed
For non-profiled boards a special formula is used, as follows: Export tax = Government imposed tax rate (depends on wood species (*)) x m3 x 5% + 10% VAT 

(*) subject to monthly amendment.

Example: Export tax for 25 m3 Bangkirai. Government imposed tax rate is USD. 300/m3. Export tax = 300 x 25 x 5% = USD. 375 + 10% = USD. 412.50

Minimum order 1 full 20 ft container (appx. 26 to 28 m3)

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