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MERBAU (Intsia bijuga)


Merbau is widely used due to its beautiful look and excellent physical characteristics, such as hardness, durability and moisture resistance. It is a very hard material and resists deformation. It can easily withstand any weather changes and is therefore very useful for exterior doors. Merbau used for exteriors doors is normally from Class II to III.

Untreated Merbau can be left in the open for more than 27 years. Merbau is only susceptible for termite (white ants) attacks when is is classified in Class I or II. Merbau endurance against fungus is Class I

Merbau will stain black when in contact with metals.   


The wood texture is evenly coarse. The grain is straight or occasionally slightly interlocked. The wood surface is smooth and glossy. The heartwood is brown-gray, brown-yellow, brown-red or black.

Physical properties

Merbau has a high degree of natural durability, is very hard and performs well in heavy traffic areas.


Exterior and interior doors, parquet, furniture, paneling.

  Untreated Merbau

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