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Our ECO cottages are specially designed to protect the environment. In fact you may call it Green houses. Like all our other houses and gazebos, all timber used is obtained from sustainable and well controlled plantations. A contribution is paid for Indonesia's reforestation plan. The designs are adapted to the environmental circumstances. All walls are sandwich walls so that insulation materials can be applied between the siding boards. The roof will be insulated as well and we offer the possibility that solar panels can be installed. Since low mass constructions heavily contribute to a fast temperature change inside a building we use 25 mm thick sidings on each side of a 60 mm wide framework which is filled with insulation material (polystyrene foam). The delay rate for such structure is approximately 3 hours. Solar radiation intensity is highest on horizontal surfaces and lowest on vertical surfaces. Our roofs are shaped such that optimum air flow will occur. Roof decking are Bali style terracotta tiles. Thatch would be the better insulation option, however, we consider this not ECO friendly due to the fact that thatch needs to be replaced every 6 to 7 years. We use Nyatoh wood for the sidings and flooring. Despite the fact that we use expensive timbers, stainless steel and Cetol ® coating we succeeded in keeping the price ECOnomically low, due to our long experience in timber prefab structures. 

Materials used

All exterior and interior boards on the siding frames are made from 25 mm thick Nyatoh boards connected by T&G and hidden screws. The exterior boards have a rain water run-off sill. All floors from 25 mm thick Nyatoh boards, connected by T&G with hidden screws. The structure, (main floor beams, sub floor beams and columns) are made from solid Nyatoh. Nyatoh can be substituted by the termite resistant Bangkirai against a variation order. Trusses are made from Camphor. All windows and door panes have insulated glass. In the event that door and/or window panes become too large we use tempered insulated glass. Fixtures (threads, nuts, washers and screws) are stainless steel grade 304. Not one nail will be used. Window and roof hardware from stainless steel. Roof covering from Balinese terracotta tiles, however, thatch (see remark above about life time) or wooden shingles can be used as alternative against a variation order. We also provide an option whereas you install the roof decking at your end by yourself. The cottages have raised floors (about 40 cm above natural grade) as to prevent creepy crawlers from entering the house. The exterior and interior of the cottage is protected with Cetol ®, world's foremost environmental friendly protective coating. We guarantee a maintenance free period for the exterior of 30 months in the most aggressive environment (close to open sea with salty spray). Alternatively French Polishing can be used for the interior against a variation order (refer to the French Polishing page)

We supply all assembly drawings which include the drawings for plumbing and electrical lines.

A question often raised: "Is there any difference between our standard houses, villas or custom made houses and our ECO cottages?"  The simple answer is "yes, there is".  Our standard houses are being prefabricated and assembled exactly in the same way as the ECO cottages, except that for the ECO cottages facilities are provided for solar panels, roof and siding insulation is included, glass is always insulated glass and sidings are made from Nyatoh, a very stable and flexible wood species.  

Due to the fact that our ECO cottages have all these extra built-in features the units are approximately 30% higher in price compared to our basic standard system for the same units. We may consider this the client’s contribution to a better protected environment.


ECO exterior siding system   ECO interior siding system






TYPE SYRING, 3 X 6 m (194 sqft) + 3 m2 (32 sqft) veranda (Code EA-11)

Also available as a non-ECO model (Code A-11)

Click on the pictures above to enlarge




36 m2 (388 sqft)

Also available as a non-ECO model (Code A-10)


Click <here> for a full description of this model



(Code EA-12)

49 m2 (527 sqft)

Also available as a non-ECO model

(Code A-12)






(Code EA-15)

98 m2 (1,054 sqft) interior

Terrace 29.6 m2 (319 sqft)

Also available as a non-ECO model

(Code A-15)

TYPE ANGGREK (Code EA-1), 32 m2 (344 sqft)

Living 28.3 m2 (305 sqft), bathroom 3.7 m2 (40 sqft). Large sliding doors and windows. 

Also available as a non-ECO model (Code A-1)


Floor plan   Front elevation   Side elevation
Click <here> for a full description of this model

Type EXTENDED ANGGREK, 36 m2 (388 sqft) + 16 m2 (172 sqft) Veranda (Code EA-2)

Also available as a non-ECO model (Code A-2)



Floor plan

Right side elevation


Front elevation

Click on thumbnails for picture enlargement

Living, bedroom, bathroom, kitchenette, Bali style front door, 11 sets double French windows, panel door to toilet. Bali style carved veranda fence.  

Click <here> for a full description of this model.

Type ANYER, 50 m2 (538 sqft) + 24 m2 (258 sqft) Veranda (Code EA-3)

Also available as a non-ECO model (Code A-3)


Floor plan   Front elevation   Side elevation
Click <here> for a full description of this model

TYPE MAWAR-1 (Code EA-4)

21 m2 (226 sqft)

Bali style front door and Bali style windows (hatches)

Floor plan Also available as a non-ECO model (Code A-4)

Front elevation

Click <here> for a full description of this model


Same TYPE MAWAR as MAWAR-1 but with different front elevations.


TYPE MAWAR-2 (Code EA-5), 21 m2 with solid front panel door and square glass windows

Also available as a non-ECO model

 Code A-5 (left) and Code A-6 (right)

TYPE MAWAR-3 (Code EA-6), 21 m2 with solid front panel door and long glass windows


(Code EA-7)

15.5 m2 (167 sqft)

Terrace 6.5 m2 (70 sqft)


Floor plan

Also available as a non-ECO model (Code A-7)

Side elevation



TYPE MAWAR-plus (Code EA-8)

    23 m2 (246 sqft) interior

    Terrace 13 m2 (140 sqft)

Also available as a non-ECO model

 (Code A-8)

Floor plan   Front elevation
Click <here> for a full description of this model





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