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BANGKIRAI (Shorea laevis)


Bangkirai (or sometimes named Balau) is a highly rated timber that is frequently used for trusses and structural wood members in areas where termites habitat. Bangkirai is not susceptible to the attacks of the ants

Untreated Bangkirai can be left in the open for more than 20 years. When Bangkirai is treated on a at least a 2-year recurrent basis the life time is in fact indefinite. 


The wood texture of Bangkirai ranges from fine to rather coarse. The  grain is straight or interlocked. The wood surface is smooth or alternately smooth and rough owing to the interlocked grain. Wood surface is glossy. Yellowish heartwood and yellowish pale light brown sapwood.  Bangkirai when  kiln dried may show some minor cracks after the process. These cracks will open and close as the surrounding humidity changes.  

Physical properties

Bangkirai has a high strength and durability, is hard and heavy with high stiffness and shock resistance. Excellent decay  resistance and dimensional stability.


Exterior and interior doors, roof structures, construction members, railway sleepers, electric poles, parquet

  Untreated Bangkirai


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