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This page shows our 2 storey models.

Code [ K ] denotes: Kitchen or kitchenette can be included. Click <here> to view kitchen examples     


Type KENANGA (Code E-1)

  Ground floor area: 108.6 m2 (1,169 sqft). Second floor area: 86 m2 (926 sqft).

Ground floor veranda: 28 m2 (301 sqft). Second floor veranda: 24.8 m2 (299 sqft)


Living: 53 m2 (571 sqft)
Open kitchen: 23.8 m2 (256 sqft)
Dining: 14.1 m2 (152 sqft)
1/2 bath: 6.2 m2 (67 sqft)
Store: 7.7 m2 (83 sqft)

Ground floor


Front elevation

Bedroom 1: 26 m2 (280 sqft)
Walk-in closet: 6.4 m2 (69 sqft)
Bathroom: 8.9 m2 (96 sqft)
Bedroom 2: 26.4 m2 (284 sqft)
Walk-in closet: 6.4 m2 (69 sqft)
  Bathroom: 8.9 m2 (96 sqft)  

Second floor


Side elevation

  Hallway to stair: 9.7 m2 (104 sqft)  


Type CEMPAKA (Code E-2)

  The variable prefab house. Available from 75 m2 to 200 m2 (807 sqft to 2,152 sqft) on each floor


 75 m2 Cempaka front view

click on the picture for an enlargement 

  Click on pictures for an enlargement     75 m2 Cempaka, right side corner

click on the picture for an enlargement


Ground floor

2nd floor


Type FRESIA, 70 m2 or 753 sqft (Code E-5)


 Front elev.

 Side elevation
 Plan Living, bedroom, bathroom, open kitchen, veranda, sliding doors with safety glass. Open space on ground floor can be utilized for garage.

Roof from Iron wood shingles.

Also available as a full ground floor model (without columns).   





 ground floor:  52 m2 (560 sqft)

second floor: living 45 m2 (484 sqft)



Side elevation  


Front elevation


This unit was specially designed for a resort in Boca del Toro in Panama

Ground floor

2 bedrooms: 11.7 m2 each (126 sqft)  

Walkway: 16.5 m2 (178 sqft)

Bathroom facilities: 12.3 m2 (132 sqft)

2nd floor

Living + open kitchen: 34.6 m2 (371 sqft)  

Balcony: 10.6 m2 (114 sqft)


Click on the picture for an enlargement

Ground floor  


2nd floor  



Type  FUCHSIA (Code E-7)

Down stairs : living + bathroom (optional), total 17.5 m2 (188 sqft). Upstairs: bedroom 17.5 m2 (188 sqft)

Deck 7.6 m2 (82 sqft)


Cross section   Longitudinal section   Side elevation
Front elevation   Ground floor plan   2nd floor plan
    Click on thumbnail for picture enlargement
Jineng under construction in Panama   Jineng completed    


Type  DAHLIA (Code E-8)

Down stairs: toilet and open space for garage or utilities. Upstairs: bedroom 17.5 m2 (188 sqft)

Upstairs deck 7 m2 (82 sqft)



Front elevation


Side elevation




Floor plan



Type BEGONIA (Code E-9)  

Down stairs living (22 m2, or 237 sqft) with veranda 9.5 m2, or 102 sqft (bathroom optional). 

Upstairs bedroom (18 m2 or 194 sqft), with balcony 8 m2 (86 sqft).

Also available in smaller sizes. Full Bankirai wood. Thatched roof





NOTE: All Jineng types need to be reinforced for areas where hurricanes and/or earthquakes may occur

Type JASMIN (Code E-10)  [ K ]

  Ground floor 110 m2 (open kitchen, living, 2 bedrooms, maid room).

Second floor 35 m2 master bedroom + bathroom and 75 m2 balcony 




Type PANCAR GALUH (Code E-11)  [ K ]

  Ground floor area: 150 m2 (1,615 sqft). Second floor area: 143 m2 (1,540 sqft).

Second floor deck: 17 m2 (183 sqft)



Ground floor

Front elevation



Toilet: 6.1 m2 (66 sqft)
Laundry room: 67.1 m2 (66 sqft)


Living: 37.7 m2 (406 sqft)
Dining: 18.9 m2 203 sqft)
Open kitchen: 13.3 m2 (143 sqft)
Bedroom 1: 16.5 m2 (178 sqft)
Bedroom 2: 16.5 m2 (178 sqft)
    Bathroom 1: 7.9 m2 (85 sqft)

Second floor

Bathroom 2: 7.9 m2 (85 sqft)
  Hallway: 12.8 m2 (138 sqft)
  Deck: 17 m2 (183 sqft)
  Construction works for this model will soon be underway in Gianyar, Bali

Side elevation



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